Google Docs

Today I learned how to use Google Docs to create a calendar on my school webpage.  This has been bugging me ever since we switched over to using Project Share as our school web pages.  I loved the calendar I had made on our old web page and just couldn’t figure out a way to make it work on the new one.  The parents loved it too because they could always see at a glance what assignments were due and when major tests were coming up.  This is an essential feature in my opinion and Project Share just didn’t offer anything to meet that need.  Since we are a pilot school for Project Share, we were asked to give input on what we would like to see changed or added.  Of course, I mentioned the calendar feature right away. But, after months of waiting, I guess they didn’t like my suggestion because there is still no calendar option.  So I set out to figure out a way to make it work on my own and I think I found the perfect (well, almost perfect) solution!

I used a calendar template through Google Docs and adjusted it to fit the school year instead of a calendar year.  I added all the school holidays and a few little details that pertained to my class.  Then I researched and played around and finally figured out how to embed that calendar onto my school webpage!  Anytime I make changes to the Google Doc calendar, it automatically updates my school web page!  Pretty handy!  The only thing it doesn’t do is allow me to link to files within the calendar.  On my old one, I could post the homework files so the parents could download it straight from the calendar.  I haven’t yet figured out how to do that on Google Docs.  If you know how to do it, please share! =)

Check it out here!

Directions on how to do this are linked at the bottom of the calendar for anyone who might be able to use this on your own project share page or blog!  I also used google docs to create a form for parents to fill out with their  contact information.  The possibilities are really endless with how to intertwine Google Docs with any existing webpage!  I am having fun exploring!

How have you used Google Docs?

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