Sometimes We Make Sacrifices

And today I think I made the ultimate sacrifice…I agreed to teach ANOTHER summer camp.  Even though I’ve been dreading the current week’s camp because I just want to enjoy my summer and be lazy for a bit, the opportunity arose to help out another teacher who could no longer teach the camp she had signed up for.  She asked me if I wanted to do it.  I didn’t have to…if I didn’t do it someone else surely would have.

However, Dustin and I have been talking a lot lately about how we are going to pay cash for his college tuition now that he has changed his degree plan which means that his classes will no longer be free!  This amounts to us needing to save about $500/month.  We really want to stay on track with our current plan to get the truck paid off because that is our last debt other than our house!  We can do it by January if we stay the course.  But now that we have an extra $500 bill added into our budget, the money has to come from somewhere!  We either cut our expenses to basically nothing or we increase our income.  Going into student loan debt is really not an option we are considering right now – especially after hearing the President’s speech tonight about how interest rates could sky-rocket here pretty soon.  We want to avoid that nightmare at all costs!

So how can I pass up an opportunity to increase our income?  All I have to do is show up for 5 days and play with some kids and make sure they don’t kill each other (or me!)  Did I mention that these kids are going INTO kindergarten?!  They have never been to school, won’t know how to walk in a line, tie their shoes, listen for and follow instructions, and heaven knows what else!  Yikes,  I agreed to do this but I am really counting on God to give me the patience and the wisdom I’m going to need to survive this week!  By the way, this camp is called Bubble Mania…I have no idea what is planned other than my assumption that we will be blowing bubbles!  Will that entertain 5-year-old kids for 5 hours a day for 5 days straight?!  Probably not!  I’m just going on a hope and a prayer that there is more planned for this camp than blowing bubbles!

This sacrifice will at least get us one month closer to our goal of paying off the truck AND college tuition at the same time!  Maybe Washington should take some notes on what it means to truly live within your means!  It isn’t pretty. It isn’t fun.  People will have to sacrifice.  People will have to make some major life changes.  I don’t think I am fully buying either side’s speech tonight but I think I fall somewhere in the middle in that major cuts will need to be made and we will have to find a way to increase our income a little.  I don’t know what the right way is but I know that if we can manage to make it work in our small household with our small income, and other families across the nation are making sacrifices to balance their own family budgets and live within their means, then surely we can come together as a nation of Americans (not republicans or democrats) and find a solution to our national debt problem!  I don’t think there is one magic solution that will make everyone happy but then again – I’m not happy about losing a week of my summer!  But I am thrilled that I have the opportunity to make a difference in our family’s income, no matter how small.  If I don’t take the opportunity to help, then I have no room to complain when we don’t meet our goals!

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