18 Weeks Update

I went in for my 18 week check today.  We had our anatomy scan and our weekly cervical check.  My little man is doing just great!  The doctor described him as “awesome” which I found funny because he normally speaks with such technical and statistical language.  It was really neat to see how much he has grown.  We even got to see him trying to suck his thumb!  Dustin says that he will be right handed because he was going for the thumb on the right hand.  We’ll see!  He has all his major organs and limbs and his heart beat registered at 144 today.   Here is his sweet face…


We also got some good news today about my cervix.  Last week it measured 2.35 centimeters and this week it was up to 3.1 cm!  Yay!  I’ve been laying low the past week and trying to not do a whole lot.  Dustin has been a champ through it all so far and has been taking care of all the cooking, cleaning, and other household chores so that I can be off my feet.  I also have started on progesterone supplements which are supposed to help.  My doctor has ordered at least 2 more weeks of modified bed rest just to be safe.  We will reevaluate in the next 2 weeks based on what the ultrasound shows. 

As of right now, he thinks I will probably deliver around 32 weeks.  I am praying that I can prove him wrong and keep this little guy in for much longer!  At 32 weeks, he has about a 90% chance of survival but we may be looking at about a month in the NICU with him possibly needing to be on a ventilator and need feeding tubes. 

This is all very scary but I am glad that we have good doctors who are well prepared to handle this.  I’ve got some time to get myself mentally prepared for the challenges we may be facing also.  I’ll be praying every day for another miracle…to be the exception to the rule this time.  I really appreciate all the prayers from family and friends also! 

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2 Responses to 18 Weeks Update

  1. kelly says:

    Ashley, He is adorable. Can’t wait. I believe all will be okay, and you and Dustin will be great parents. I am so excited, but I wish things were easier for you. May you find strength in one another, and I pray that your faith gets you through the tough times.

  2. Mimi says:

    Good news about your cervix. Hope all future news is good. I’m still praying for all to go well. God loves this baby too, so it’s in His wonderful hands and your careful actions. You’re a god pair.

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