No more grocery shopping and no more chores

We had an another cervical check appointment today with my regular OB this time since the Maternal Fetal Medicine (MFM) doctor I was seeing thought it wasn’t necessary to continue monitoring me past 24 weeks.  I was surprised to learn that my OB didn’t agree with him and wanted to still keep a close eye on me.  At this point, the only thing we can do is increase restrictions on my bed rest because it is too late for a cerclage.

We got to take another look at Hudson first and he is looking great!  She was trying to get a good shot of his face but he had his legs up over his head the whole time.  Talk about flexible!

They only did 2 measurements of my cervix and they were NOT good – pretty scary, in fact!  The first was 1.4 cm and then the last one was 1.9 cm.  I was pretty freaked out because prior to this appointment the lowest we had gotten was 2.3 cm.  My MFM has said all along that between 1.5 and 2.5 is a gray area but 1.5 or lower is the danger zone!  After she finished the measurements, I was told to go to another room and wait for the OB to come in and discuss the results.

The wait was killer with tons of questions going through head.  Have I been exerting myself too much lately?  Maybe I started feeling too comfortable and really should slow down a lot more.  Will I be put on strict bed rest?  Can I go to my nephew’s birthday party?  Can I go to my own shower?

Then, the doctor came in and saved the day!  She explained that the ultrasound tech had measured incorrectly and had actually stopped the measurement too soon.  The actual measurement was closer to 2.4 cm which is pretty much in line with all of my previous measurements.  She was happy with that measurement (as was I!)  It still isn’t great by any means but it is much better than 1.4!   She asked how I was doing with the modified bed rest and if I was letting Dustin do the grocery shopping.  Oops…I’ve definitely been going with him to the store every week.  In fact, my MFM said that short trips to the store were fine as long as I wasn’t out all day.  She disagreed and scolded me a little bit for walking around the grocery store.  She said that if I had to go that I needed to be in one of the motorized carts.  If I am too embarrassed to use a motorized cart, then I can’t go!  Haha!  So it looks like Dustin is on his own for grocery shopping.  Or we’ll go later in the evening when its less crowded and I’ll be taking one of these bad boys for a spin!

I also got in trouble for sweeping the floor this week.  Our Roomba (the robotic vacuum that has spoiled us rotten) has gotten old and frequently gets lost in our house so the daily sweeping of the floor hasn’t been getting done.  It was grossing me out and Dustin was busy so I figured a quick 5 minute sweep wouldn’t hurt anything.  Apparently, even that is on the no-no list.  Sorry, Dustin – you’re back on the hook for all the chores!  I can however still get out of the house and go to events but I HAVE to stay seated!

I’m sure if she continued asking if I had been doing this or that, I would have gotten in trouble for more things.  It is just so hard to not do such simple things when you feel perfectly capable!  It is especially hard to put everything on Dustin when he is already working so hard and has very little free time as it is.  I want to be able to lighten his load, not add to it.  But, we both agree that the most important thing is that Hudson gets as much time as possible to develop and grow.  All of this will be worth it when I get to hold my sweet little boy!

The good news is we’re passing important milestones with each new week.  Our next goal is 28 weeks in which we will officially be in the third trimester!  Beginning 34 weeks, Hudson has the same chance at survival  as a full term baby – the only difference is he will develop a new skill each week that will help keep him out of NICU (feeding, breathing on his own, regulating his temperature etc…)

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