Technology Tidbits

In my 4th year of teaching, my principal approached me and asked me to be the technology liaison for our school.  While I was flattered that she thought of me for this leadership position, I had to laugh.  My family can attest to the fact that I tend to have somewhat of a technology jinx – anything electronic that crosses my path mysteriously seems to break.  So what in the world is she thinking asking me to be the go-to person for anything technology?  The only answer I could come up with is that she knew that I am not afraid to try new things and even though I tend to have more failures than successes, I am always looking for a way to make it work.  This position of leadership has been a blessing in many ways.  It has kept me in the game of learning the latest and greatest technology tools, surrounded me with people who – like me – jump in with both feet and problem solve along the way, and it has developed my passion for teaching others to embrace life’s challenges.  Check out my latest endeavors in the Technology Tidbits category on the sidebar and share your own experiences with technology!


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